Pleione Energy S.A.

Pleione Energy S.A (founded in 2015) develops, designs and produces cost-effective products and applications for the energy and space sector. The primary application field is the design and development of advanced storage systems through application of nanotechnology in batteries, capacitors, fuel cells etc. Advanced materials and nanotechnology expertise, along with extensive research experience in the energy and aerospace sector, empowers the team behind the company to achieve technological breakthroughs. The company is an International Joint Venture between the Greek company ADAMANT COMPOSITES LTD and the German company OMNIDEA-RTG Gmbh and is based at the Technology incubator of the National Center for Scientific Research (NCSR) "Demokritos" in Athens, Greece. The Pleione Energy team consists of highly experienced engineering and business professionals with international exposure and involvement in a series of international joint research and development space, aeronautics and energy programs (ESA and EU activities).

Pleione has the required experience and the equipment for the production of electrochemical cells for lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors, with a focus of graphene anodes that have a higher capacity. Thus, Pleione will provide the necessary materials produced by the company’s pilot line and will also offer the knowledge on how the proposed nanotechnology testing could be applied on a small-scale battery production line and disseminate it to the large pilot-line network where Pleione is involved. Performance tests of the RF-toolbox methods will be done on the pilot-line and the SEI layer performance will be evaluated to achieve appropriate cycle life performance for applications e.g. in the energy and space sector; the graphene LIB will be optimized for TRL6 and special use cases in satellite batteries will be developed.

Team members

Photo of Antonios Vavouliotis
Antonios Vavouliotis
Team Leader & WP4 Leader
Photo of Zampia Kalogridi
Zampia Kalogridi
Deputy Team Leader & Deputy WP4 Leader
Photo of Nasos Masouras
Nasos Masouras
Team member
Pleione Energy S.A.
Patriarchou Grigorioy and Neapoleos 27 Str.,
Inside NCSR “Demokritos”,
PC 15310, Agia Paraskevi,
Attica, Greece