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Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz is the largest institution of research and education in Upper Austria with a strong research focus on technical applications. The Institute of Biophysics was founded in 1985 as one of Austria’s first institutes to be established in this field. The Department of Applied Experimental Biophysics and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) focusses on Nanotechnology applications and has pioneered a number of AFM related methods. It has 10 operational AFMs that can be adapted for a wide range of applications areas. Furthermore, the institute has a highly interdisciplinary graduate research program which involves 12 faculty members from seven institutes at JKU, the program entitled Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems (DK-NanoCell). In recent years, the JKU department has built up extensive experience on Scanning Probe Microscopy SPM for electrical nanoscale measurements (EFM, KFM, STM, SMM, and CS-AFM) and was involved in the development of methodologies and calibration workflows for the SMM. For interpretation of calibrated data finite element methods are used and a strong expertise has been built up. The relevant background on the surface chemistry and electrochemistry and the electrochemical methods complements its expertise.

With its solid know-how in electrochemistry and instrumentation/methodology development JKU will contribute in the development of nanoscale techniques that allow the local electrical investigation of the SEI layer. JKU will be directly involved in the instrumental development of the bb-EFM under electrochemical control. Additionally, Based on the modelling experience JKU will coordinate the efforts on the development of physical-chemical finite element models that will facilitate the interpretation of impedance spectroscopy data using multi-physics coupling methods.

Team members

Photo of Dr. Georg Gramse
Dr. Georg Gramse
Team Leader & WP3 Leader
Photo of Dr. Nawfal Al-Zubaidi R-Smith
Dr. Nawfal Al-Zubaidi R-Smith
Deputy Team Leader & Deputy WP3 Leader
Photo of Assoc. Univ-Prof. Dr. Andreas Ebner
Assoc. Univ-Prof. Dr. Andreas Ebner
Team member
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