METAS Federal Institute of Metrology

The Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) was founded in 1862 under the name Eidgenössische Eichstätte and since then it has become the national metrology institute of Switzerland. As a national metrology institute it is responsible for providing measurements and consulting services to Switzerland and the European Community. The RF and Microwave Laboratory at METAS is located in one of the temperature stabilized buildings and has outstanding expertise in quantitative measurements of electromagnetic material properties at nanoscale. The laboratory has developed its own unique version of a scanning microwave microscope. Especially the fields of reflection measurement in coaxial lines and material characterization at the nanoscale benefit both from the in house development and refinement of calibration algorithms for vector network analysis. This is additionally underpinned by in-house calibration software which is available to the public ( and

Within NanoBat the RF and Microwave Lab developed a capability to perform scanning probe microscopy in liquids, and developed an on-chip multi-probe sensor for high throughput material characterization. It also served as an open access and service point for NFSMM technology. METAS led the Work Package on Metrology and Standardization. Moreover, METAS was directly involved in the work relating to SMM measurements in electrolyte and the development of a robust multi probe chip for measuring impedance very fast as well as in the task of providing an Open Innovation Environment (OIE) to stakeholders.

Team members

Photo of Johannes Hoffmann
Johannes Hoffmann
Team Leader & WP6 Leader
Photo of Bruno Eckmann
Bruno Eckmann
Deputy Team Leader & Deputy WP6 Leader
Photo of Hung-Ju Lin
Hung-Ju Lin
Team member
METAS Federal Institute of Metrology
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