QWED Sp. Z. o. o.

QWED is a Polish SME founded in 1997 with complementary experiences in microwave technology, mathematical physics, and computational techniques. The primary task of QWED has been to manage the development and industrial applications of QuickWave EM software resulting in the implementation of approx. 200 licenses worldwide.

What distinguishes QWED from its larger competitors is its openness towards emerging technologies and niche markets. QWED offers a unique ultra-fast QW-V2D full-wave solver for axisymmetrical problems and a multiphysics QW-BHM set of thermal and kinetic modules for MW power problems. QWED GUI options vary from the industrial standard Autodesk®Inventor®, to FreeCAD license-free QW Modeller. In the 2000s QWED established a branch of microwave hardware activities based on 4 decades of worldly acknowledged research. QWED manufactures several types of dielectric resonators for precise measurements of EM properties of materials in GHz range. Each resonator is equipped with dedicated firmware.

QWED’s main tasks in NanoBat are bound to its software (GHz electromagnetics modeling) and hardware (dielectric GHz resonators) branches as well as to its pre-existing dissemination and standardization activities. QWED will design and built a large-surface scanner for 2D imagining of resistivity and sheet impedance of graphene anodes materials, taking into account industrial process parameters and will be the lead group in the open innovation software teaching kit, but also pivotal in the various ‘Women to Engineering’ initiatives, e.g. with invited gender articles in IEEE magazines.

Team members

Photo of Malgorzata Celuch
Malgorzata Celuch
Team Leader
Photo of Marzena Olszewska-Placha
Marzena Olszewska-Placha
Deputy Team Leader
Photo of Janusz Rudnicki
Janusz Rudnicki
Team Member
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