Pilot Line Services

By applying graphene and other nanomaterials, Pleione Energy S.A. is able to develop innovative electrodes and cells for energy storage applications at all stages of the development process, i.e., from the design of the electrode formulation, the preparation of the nanomaterial slurry and the coating of the electrode with tape casting to the preparation of the pouch cell and the related testing.
More specifically, Pleione Energy has established an end-to-end pilot line for the development of electrochemical energy storage devices (batteries, supercapacitors etc.), where all the critical manufacturing parameters are carefully controlled and optimized.

Graphene Processing
Electrode Processing
Cell & Battery Production
Cell Testing
Cell Testing

Pleione Energy services

Pleione Energy has comprehensive know-how that we will gladly use to support you in the development or optimization of your own manufacturing process and construction of your electrodes and cells.

Please contact us if you are interested in any further information on our pilot line services:

Dr. Athanasios Masouras
Materials & Processes Engineer

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