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Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co. KG is a pioneer in battery technology with its operations centred on the electrification megatrend. Kreisel’s core competences include battery development and production, integration & testing, prototyping & serial production and software development. Over the years, Kreisel has developed a superior, proprietary technology for e-mobility and electric infrastructure that offers higher energy density, better efficiency and longer battery lifetime compared to industry benchmarks. Using modern technology and great engineering skill, Kreisel manufactures the lightest and most efficient battery on the market. Compared to the conventional battery solutions of other manufacturers, the Kreisel system can increase the range of electric automobiles by up to 65%. With this innovative battery technology, Kreisel positions itself as one of the few European manufacturers for mobile and stationary energy storages. Kreisel cooperates with manufacturers, fleet operators, as well as with cab and transport companies.

In Nanobat, Kreisel is involved in implementing and testing new approaches of cell qualification measurements from the RF-toolbox for the verification of cylindrical Lithium-Ion cells in their series and high-through-put production. Goal: proofing the advanced cell qualification methodology for high volume battery series production. This goal will be reached due to a scientific part (cell qualification methodology, data analysis) and an industrialization part consisting of production planning, automatization and also process optimization.

Team members

Photo of Sascha Wagner
Sascha Wagner
Team Leader
Photo of Johannes Angerer
Johannes Angerer
Deputy Team Leader
Photo of Daniel Foissner
Daniel Foissner
Team member
Photo of Johannes Lechner
Johannes Lechner
Team member
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