Centro Ricerche FIAT

Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF) is an industrial organization having the mission to promote, develop and transfer innovation for providing competitiveness to the FCA group by focusing on the development of innovative products & materials, implementation of innovative processes development of new methodologies and training of human resources. To properly cover a very wide technological spectrum, CRF developed a global network which further strengthens the center’s global innovation strategies, the implementation of specific activities locally, creation of know-how and continuous monitoring to enhance competitiveness and further development in areas such as transportation vehicles and components, innovative materials and application technologies, as well as the work on innovative alternative propulsion systems and transmissions. CRF is organized in 4 technical divisions: Process Research, Vehicle and Body, Powertrain and Group Materials Labs (GML). The GML comprises the material laboratories for the whole FCA group in EMEA.

This division is directly involved in the project, as the quick evolution of the electric vehicles market requires the introduction of reliable quality control and measurement method in order to ensure quality, durability and most of all safety to end users.

Within the scope of NanoBat, CRF’s focus will be on the definition of the specifications of automotive the market, demonstrators and standards; the testing of materials in terms of thickness, chemical resistance, mechanicals and interface analysis, electrical properties, the involvement in the SOPs and round-robin studies as well as the validation and final assessment of the demonstrators following FCA standards.

Team members

Photo of Luca Belforte
Luca Belforte
Team Leader
Photo of Genny Giaccardi
Genny Giaccardi
Team member
Photo of Francesca Ecclesia
Francesca Ecclesia
Team member
Centro Ricerche FIAT
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