Women in Microwaves

Publication by QWED in IEEE Microwave Magazine

In October 2020, QWED participated at MIKON 2020. A short report about QWED’s activities at the conference is available here.

Their presence at MIKON has now resulted in an article published in the July edition of the IEEE Microwave Magazine. It is written by Malgorzata Celuch from QWED and entitled” Women in Microwaves at MIKON: (Not) for the First Time”.

In this article, she shares her very personal experiences as a female researcher and scientist in a field dominated by men. The positive vibe and her enthusiasm about science is palpable in every single line of her report. Read Malgorzata’s contribution to IEEE Microwave Magazine here.

The author, Malgorzata Celuch, at MIKON 2020