NanoBat partner QWED was at MIKON 2020

NanoBat project presented to the microwave community

Although a lot of conferences on a national and international level have been cancelled in the past few months, MIKON Conference actually took place at Warsaw, Poland, on October 5-7, 2020 and we are happy to say that we took part with NanoBat being presented on site by our Polish partner QWED. QWED is responsible for GHz characterisation of battery baterials, multiphysics modelling, and Open Platform developments in our project.

MIKON is a traditional microwave conference with over 50 years of history. Since the 1990s, MIKON is run under the auspices of IEEE, and since 2004, it is part of the Microwave and Radar Week also comprising radar, semiconductor, and signal processing events. In January 2020 Malgorzata Celuch and Marzena Olszewska-Placha from QWED were elected Members of the Board of the IEEE Poland Section Women in Engineering (WiE) Affinity Group. It is not surprising that they chose MIKON for their first public WiE public activity: knowing that there have always been women at MIKON but there has never been a dedicated Women in Microwaves session, they oraganised and run such a sesion on the first day of the conference.

The second QWED activity at MIKON was a workshop of the H2020 MMAMA project on ”Microwave Materials and Impedance Measurement Techniques”. The research results presented at the workshop are also relevant to NanoBat, and especially to the three NanoBat partners who were workshop presenters (METAS, Keysight, and QWED). The workshop was highly successful, with 25 on-site and 14 on-line attendees, and new collaborations already being identified. QWED therefore undertakes to organise a similar workshop for NanoBat at MIKON 2022 in Gdansk, Poland.

In addition, QWED had a booth at the conference were they also presented NanoBat with a dedicated rollup. Overall, the event was very a success for QWED and a great opportunity for NanoBat to be introduced to the microwave community.

NanoBat presented at the main hall of the Warsaw University of Technology

Marzena and Malgorzata presenting NanoBat at QWED booth.

Malgorzata thanking the organisers for hosting WiE session and the workshop.