NanoBat Meeting in Patras, Greece

On October 19-20, 2022 the NanoBat consortium came together in Patras, Greece for their 3rd in-person meeting. As with the previous 2 in-person meetings, the focus was on discussing collaborations as well as the progress of the technical work related to battery science and the testing from the cell level and materials to high power module and pack testing. These intensive discussions were rounded up by two lab visits: On the first day, we were introduced to the pilot line of Adamant Composite Ltd. and the Pleione Energy S.A.’s laboratories where advanced LIB cells are developed with graphene anodes, including small modules and packs for space applications. On the second day, we visited the laboratories of FORTH-ICE related to nanotechnology, energy and bioscience.

A warm thank you to our hosts from Pleione Energy S.A. for making this meeting special and giving us some insight into their work.

With only 6 months left until the end of the project, the consortium partners will now focus on completing their technical work and refining the NanoBat results. The next major event will be NanoBat’s 4th public workshop on “Advanced battery testing: nano-electrochemistry, metrological cell EIS and pilot line tests” on November 16, 2022. Registration is still open!

NanoBat consortium at Pleione Energy laboratories.

Visit to Adamant facilities.

Visit to the pilot line.