Workshop on New Trends in Materials and Electrochemical Characterisation for Li-ion Batteries (LIB)

Electrochemical characterisation techniques from nano- to macroscale and new battery material testing are at the heart of NanoBat. In this workshop of our regular bi-annual series, we focus on battery materials, for instance polymers as sustainable electroactive species in LIBs. The first part comprises of three lectures:

  1. Addressing advanced electrochemical characterisation techniques for LIBs
  2. Looking at battery materials, manufacturing, and testing tools for batteries
  3. The use of novel polymer materials for LIBs

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In the second part, the focus is on early stage researchers (ESRs) from Marie Skłodowska-Curie training networks POLYSTORAGE and SENTINEL, as well as other interested researchers, presenting their work in three different breakout rooms via short videos, followed by discussions. The three topics addressed will be:

  1. Materials for batteries
  2. Battery characterisation and testing
  3. Nano-electrochemistry and nano-imaging

If you are interested, please register for the workshop below.

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021 14:00 – 17:00

Venue: Virtual workshop – Login data will be sent to registered participants

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Abstract submission:
ESRs are encouraged to submit an abstract (10 lines maximum) for presenting their 3-5 minutes video via e-mail to

Submission deadline: March 15, 2021

A participation certificate will be issued upon request.


Registration is now open! It’s free of charge.