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Keysight Technologies (Keysight) is one of the world's premier electronic measurement companies with 13.000+ employees. Keysight offers a portfolio of different electronic measurement equipment, calibration devices, software packages, and data analytics, including high speed oscilloscopes and performance network analysers (PNA) that are in many aspects leading the edge on performance, speed, and sensitivity in the broad frequency spectrum. Recently, Keysight extended the automotive and battery division by adding automotive battery test systems on top of power supplies and source measurement units SMUs. Also, it provides GHz measurement technology towards the nanoscale-science including 3D EM modelling suites EMPro and electrical/thermal modelling ADS. Keysight Technologies Austria GmbH, involved in NanoBat, has one of the leading industrial research labs on microwave GHz measurement including high frequency PNA technology, GHz calibration algorithms, and tomographic imaging reconstruction.

Keysight Technologies Austria GmbH was the coordinator of NanoBat. In addition, they led the work package on ‘New broad-band frequency instrument hardware for in-line SEI nano-layer characterization’, working on the development of impedance calibration and high-throughput measurements, as well as the battery self-discharge methodology that improves cell production efficiency significantly. They brought in their strong international battery collaboration network to advance stakeholder relations and disseminate project results.

Team members

Photo of Ferry Kienberger
Ferry Kienberger
Team Leader & WP1 Deputy Leader
Photo of Manuel Kasper
Manuel Kasper
Deputy Team Leader & WP1 Leader
Photo of Gerald Kada
Gerald Kada
WP8 Leader
Keysight Technologies GmbH
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