Recap: 4th public NanoBat Workshop

Workshop on “Advanced battery testing: nano-electrochemistry, metrological cell EIS and pilot line tests” held on November 16, 2022

The 4th public NanoBat workshop of our regular series focused on broadband frequency electrochemical characterisation techniques from nano- to macroscale, uncertainty analysis and round robin tests, and transferring methods and results to in-line testing and pilot lines. Gabriela Ventura Silva of TU Braunschweig (Germany) and Ferry Kienberger of Keysight Technologies (Austria) were hosting the workshop this time. More than 90 participants joined our virtual meeting, a great success again for us!

We started with a keynote lecture from Nicolas von Drachenfels of the BLB (Battery Lab Braunschweig) giving an overview of battery research activities in Germany, and introducing the BLB in detail, a great institution for lab-scale battery manufacturing and more!

The first part of lectures dealt with nano-electrochemistry:

  1. Prof. Edgar Ventosa of University of Burgos (Spain) on “Scanning droplet cell system for investigating the solid-electrolyte-interface (SEI)”
  2. Priv.-Doz. Georg Gramse of Johannes Kepler University (Austria) on “Nanoscale electrochemical impedance spectroscopy”

The second part focused on Metrological Cell Characterisation with two talks:

  1. Arnd Leike of BMW in Munich (Germany) “Cell electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) round robin”
  2. Amin Moradpour from Keysight Technologies in Linz (Austria) on “Metrological uncertainty for EIS”

Our last session on “Pilot Line Cell Testing” was led by two persons from our NanoBat pilot line partners AIT and TUBS:

  1. Martina Romio of AIT in Vienna (Austria) talked about “’Advanced investigation of the electrolyte-Mg anode interphase for the development of Mg-ion batteries” reaching out to post-lithium chemistries for novel battery materials
  2. Chao Zhang of Technical University in Braunschweig (Germany) presented “Quality control in the lamination of electrodes and separators for LiBs”, followed by a fantastic virtual lab tour of Battery-Lab-Braunschweig BLB

Overall, we again consider this a very successful event which gave room for discussions and feedback. We are looking forward to our next and last public workshop in March next year, focusing on parallel cell and pack testing.

Below a list of interesting papers discussed in the 4th NanoBat workshop:

Lab tour at Battery-Lab-Braunschweig (BLB)