NanoBat partners at IBPC 2022

On November 7-9, 2022, Keysight and JKU represented NanoBat at the International Battery Production Conference (IBPC) in Braunschweig Germany, an event organized by NanoBat partner TUBS and also sponsored by Keysight (as you can nicely see on the pictures). IBPC was focused on bridging the gap between battery technology and the production process of batteries, including developments on electrochemistry, formation and battery characterization methods.

Keysight presented 2 papers:
o “Industry 4.0 Software Architecture and Data Collection during Cell Production”. By Bob Zollo.
o “Case Study: Reducing costs of cell cycling during high volume production to monitor the output quality of a Gigafactory”. By Albert Groebmeyer.

Overall, there were 290 participants, 35% of them coming from the industry. We discussed NanoBat results with several participants from industry and academia. The topics discussed were related to recent NanoBat publications, such as calibrated impedance spectroscopy, self-discharge method, cell classification and metrological uncertainty. In addition, interoperability and standardization of data formats, currently researched by Keysight, were discussed with industrial participants acknowledging Keysight's leadership.