2nd NanoBat Advisory Board and Stakeholder Meeting

NanoBat partners laid the foundation for close collaborations with their interest groups

We successfully held our 2nd Advisory Board and Stakeholder Meeting on March 24, 2021 welcoming our group of six Advisory Board members and 15 stakeholders. Our advisors and interest groups range from ground-breaking electrode and battery materials research institutions – both university- and industry-based –, metrology institutes, to customer facing companies (SMEs and corporations) in all kinds of battery related fields – original battery manufacturers, automotive OEMs and device suppliers in microelectronics, photonics, and automotive, space and energy technology solutions.

We were discussing NanoBat’s four unique technology offers that set the ground of our three pillars in the field of battery materials characterisation, battery testing, and pilot line opportunities (nanotechnology measurement tools of the solid-electrolyte-interface SEI, modeling of dielectric properties, and fast and reliable battery testing, upgradable to small pilot lines). Each advisory board member and stakeholder has its special interest in one of our three prominent pillars, at a different stage of our value chain, we tried to fit these interests into the right segments to continue the discussion and close collaboration.

We will keep a regular schedule of quarterly meetings with our interest groups, getting interactive feedback, and scheduling 1:1 follow-up meetings.

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